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The LADYLON Ltd. was established in 1989 by foreign and Hungarian owners.

The main activity of the company is texturizing of polyamide yarns, which is a special sector within the textile industry. The starting material can be only imported and according to the high quality requirements of our customers we buy this material from reputable Western European suppliers. We produce raw white, semi dull, textured polyamide 6 and 6.6 yarns in a wide range of yarn counts between dtex 22 and 167.
The company originally specialized in manufacturing of hosiery yarns had to find new ways to apply polyamide yarns and new potential customers after the closing of big Hungarian hosiery factories. So we started to produce textured polyamide yarns for elastic bandages in the middle of the nineties. Due to a smaller investment in 2005 we created the conditions of producing intermingled polyamide yarns for working gloves. Since 2006 we are important supplier in this business as well.

The three main product lines of the company are:
- fine polyamide yarns for hosiery
- middle fine polyamide yarns for elastic bandages
- thick polyamide yarns for working gloves.

We produce and distribute coloured polyamide yarns for socks producers and we distribute bare rubber yarn for hosiery producers. Since 2015 there is a new item in our offer which is the textured polyester yarn. Our annual production is 300 tons; we sell our textured yarns primarily abroad but supplying the Hungarian market is of same importance. In the latest years the customers’ demand has changed a lot. Spot orders and short delivery times came to the front instead of long-term agreements. Well thought-out production planning, good service, flexibility and high quality are necessary in order to keep our existing customers and to get new potential customers while we have to compete with the prices of Far-Eastern production.

At the end of 2011 we had a big investment, we bought a texturizing machine for fine polyamide yarns. The improvement in quality was highly appreciated by our customers.
Every year since 2006 we have been receiving the certificate of OKÖ-TEX Standard 100 from the Hungarian Institute INNOVATEXT in Budapest. This means that our yarns do not contain any harmful substances to the environment. In 2012 we deserved the certificate Eco-friendly factory as well. We regularly get useful information from the association TMTE in Budapest who represents and incorporates the Hungarian textile companies.

The company’s staff is between 16-18 persons and we are a cohesive team.

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