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Clothing made of natural materials such as wool, cotton, linen and silk is flourishing but the volume of these natural materials is limited in the world. It is absolutely necessary to produce synthetic yarns for covering the increased clothing demand of people. Due to the technological development the characteristics of the synthetic yarns are more and more similar to the ones of natural yarns.

LADYLON Ltd produces polyamide yarns by a special process, called texturizing: the starting material is a partially oriented polyamide yarn (POY), which will be drawn, deformed and this new shape will be fixed at high temperature. After texturizing we get a voluminous yarn with high elasticity and it is already suitable for knitting or weaving of many articles.

We buy the starting material from well-known, environmentally conscious European suppliers who meet all the requirements of REACH and whose yarns are certified by ÖKO-TEX Standard 100.

We can make textured and intermingled polyamide yarns in one step and after texturizing we can twist the yarn if required. During these processes we use the cleanest energy - electric power and compressed air - without polluting the environment. In winter we utilize the heat generated by the compressors for heating of the production plant. We do not burden our environment either with dyeing of yarns or with other chemical processes.

All the empty packaging material are taken back by our POY-suppliers to recycle them. We also pack our textured yarns in recycled paper boxes, we usually use big sized boxes for packaging and if possible we ship the yarn on reusable pallets to our customers.

All the yarns produced by LADYLON Ltd are certified by ÖKO-TEX Standard 100. This internationally recognized testing method guarantees that our textured yarns meet the ecological requirements and they are free from harmful substances.

The ocean is there in every drop of water. 

LADYLON Ltd is just a drop in the ocean and we strive to make the drop and the ocean remain clean.

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